Can you add to this Gallery of Photographs?

We would love to feature your photos of our wonderful trees and woodlands in Perth & Kinross. Please send your photos to with the following information: (i) where the photograph was taken (ii) who took the photograph (copyright) and (iii) confirm in writing (email will suffice) that you give us permission to publish the photo in the online Gallery. We will contact you separately if we would like to use the photo in any of our publications. Please note we cannot pay a fee for any of the photos submitted or used. Please ensure any photos you send are high resolution but not overly large in size (up to 10MB will be fine, but if any photos are more than 7MB, please send more than one photograph separately).

Join a Time-lapse Photography Project! If you would like to create a time-lapse photograph of a special tree or a specific place in a wood, head over to (Tayside Biodiversity Partnership) to take part. Every month for at least a year (or at least 10 times over the year) stand in exactly the same place and take a photograph of a tree/woodland/view and upload it to your page. Nature will reveal itself in its many seasons and weathers for a unique time-lapse sequence! You can start any time you wish and extend your time-lapse beyond the initial year too.

Julia Henriksson – Horse Chestnut Zoomin2 project

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