As a small voluntary group we are in urgent need of small-scale donations to help us continue our work. Do you know of anyone who might be willing to sponsor our training programme or website maintenance? We need funds to pay speakers’ travel expenses – and room and equipment hire. A donation of £100, £250 or £500 would help immensely and we would be pleased to fully acknowledge the donation on the programme, booking form and website, as well as in all publicity, including press releases.

We want to fund display banners to take to events and to leave in libraries, local businesses and schools. Could you help us with a donation of £50, £100 or £250 towards this? Again, full acknowledgement on the banners will be given.

We need match funding to research, compile and publish our series of Tree Trails. The first of these is the Bluebell Trail; we are planning others. Could you help us with a donation of £100, £250 or £500 to make these leaflets a reality?

We want to prepare a series of A5-size arty postcards extolling our native “wildlife trees” – a mix of information on where best to grow the trees, the myths and legends behind them, and the rich and varied biodiversity they host. They will be suitable for local communities, schools or individuals wanting to learn more about our native trees. If you can contribute £100, £250 or £500 towards this project we would fully acknowledge your donation on the postcard pack.

And, one day, we hope to be in a position to provide and help plant trees, hedges and wildlife corridor treelines in local communities, care home, business park and school grounds. If you could donate £250, £500 or £1,000 towards making this a reality, please contact us.

If you would like to donate any funds, any size, please drop us a line via info@PerthandKinrossTreeWardens.co.uk. Many thanks.