Scottish Network Goes Independent

Perth & Kinross Tree Wardensare now an independent network after 18 years under local authority leadership. We are steadily recruiting new volunteers. Please come along to one of our events to meet us and decide if you would like to join us.

Although Perth & Kinross Council had to discontinue co-ordinating the network because of budget cuts, it is represented by a conservation officer from its Planning & Regeneration Service on the executive committee. Forestry Commission Scotland is backing the project with Community Seedcorn Funding, and its policy officer acts as an advisor on the committee. The network also has a place on the Woodland Working Group of the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership.

“We are keen to increase the number of wardens, improve the geographical coverage, and improve the age balance,” says Catherine Lloyd, the Honorary Chair of the executive committee.

“We are now focussing on compiling a series of leaflets, the first of which is a bluebell trail. We are using community newsletters, of which there are many, to encourage volunteers. There is a steady increase in new Tree Wardens joining us – but we want many more!”

The network offers an annual training programme. Ongoing guardianship activities raise a variety of tree issues as a result either of storm damage or planned building developments. We comment on relevant statutory consultations. If you have ideas for projects the Tree Wardens can get involved in, please let us know.